Thursday, June 5, 2008

Carry Bean

Oh jeeez. Here we are in the Carribean. The internet is so expensive here (just like everything else) that I have to blog a short one so I can afford dinner! So we are. Here. In Puerto Viejo de Talamanca, where reggae resounds from every corner of every building, dreadlocks are more common than not, and every local that we pass whispers "Ganja, ganja ganja....." as we walk by (don't worry parents, we have yet to succumb to their offers!). A pretty fine place to spend the last 4 days of our trip - surrounded by palm trees, and with access to a sea that's as warm as bath water.
Our time in Monteverde in the Cloud Forest was good, but we're all thrilled to see the sun one last time before we return to rainy Portland June. In Monteverde (where you practically had to pay to breathe or walk around) we went on a hike in the cloud forest reserve one day, where I was molested by some sort of wild pig (which we do have footage of just so you know) and we witnessed the largest downpour any of us have ever seen. We were pretty much mid-calf deep in water and walking around in circles on poorly labled paths, but we made it. The next day we did our zipline tour (and actually got Marcus to do it after going on the entire trip about how he "Doesn't fuck with heights"!) and enjoyed ourselves tremendously. Except for now we all want to skydive (with the exception of Marcus...). Oops.
So we're spending our last 4 days on the beach, swinging in hammocks, soaking up the sun and avoiding nuclear-disaster-sized insects. A pretty difficult lifestyle they have going on here. If only it weren't so expensive!
Although I'm slightly bummed we only have 4 days left on our trip, I'm pretty excited to come home. Traveling in a group can be really hard, and is pretty exhausting some times! The idea of having some alone time (not to mention some time with other females...) sounds pretty damn nice right now. I'll have to find some way to make up for the testosterone overload on this trip when I get home, which very well may consist of me going to see the "Sex And The City" movie by myself when I get home, and also forbidding anyone from talking about football in front of me again. Both of those activities sound great to me right now.
Well I'll see you all soon, and am very excited to come home!
and GO OBAMA by the way...